Pet-Friendly Accommodation Rules

    1. Your dog may be off-leash inside your chalet’s fenced area.
    2. Dogs may NOT be left unattended at/in chalets – NO EXCEPTION.
    3. If you need a pet-sitter, we can provide one at R200/hour. Max 4 hours. Please book in advance. Only available 9am to 5pm.
    4. ALL Dogs MUST BE ON LEASH around the chalet’s walkways – NO EXCEPTION.
    5. We have had incidents where socialised dogs have been off-leash around the chalets and have approached unsocial dogs behind fences, you can just imagine what happened.  Please protect your dogs and keep them on leash around the chalet areas.
    6. Bring your dog’s secure leash or harness.  Choke-chains are not adequate.
    7. We understand that dogs bark as they also need to talk to us, but please shush your dogs if they bark continuously, it is very irritating to everyone around you.
    8. If your dog is social and has good recall, you are welcome to take them off-leash when away from the chalets.
    9. If you have an unsocial/aggressive dog, please keep him/her on lead always and use the Yellow Bandana provided.
    10. We have implemented an “I Need Space” notification system.  If your dog is unsocial, aggressive, in training or nervous, please tie the bright yellow bandana provided onto your dog’s harness or leash to visibly warn other guests.
    11. You and your pets may swim in the dam.  If you need old towels for them, please ask us, we have loads.
    12. We do have Blesbok on the property, if your dog is off-leash in the open fields, they will probably attempt to chase the Blesbok. This has happened on numerous occasions, please don’t panic, the dogs usually go back to the chalet.
    13. Should your dog be off-leash and attack another pet on-leash, you will be responsible for any vet costs incurred. Please be vigilant.
    14. Please ensure your pets vaccinations are up to date before you bring them to Greystone Lodge. We do not need copies, please do this for all pet’s protection.
    15. For obvious reasons, no females on heat.
    16. No unneutered male cats allowed at the lodge as they mark their territory.
    17. We do not have a lot of ticks in the area but they do occur.  Please treat your pets for ticks before and after you’ve been to the lodge.  You are welcome to use Julian’s Jacuzzi, our onsite tick bath located next to the Library. Perfect for after long walks or swimming in the dam.  Shampoo and towels provided free of charge.
    18. Please ensure you have treated your pet for fleas before you come to Greystone Lodge.  We do not have a flea problem.
    19. Please be so kind as to pick up your dog’s poop when walking around the dam.  You do not have to worry about poop in the open fields.
    20. Snakes occasionally occur here; Rinkhals and Puff Adders are most venomous. We do not keep Anti-venom at the lodge for various reasons.
    21. We have a pet’s First Aid kit. Please contact us should your furball require First Aid.
    22. You bring your pets at your own risk. Greystone Lodge is not responsible for any parasites or illnesses your pet may pick up, or any injuries they may get, while on our property.

GREYSTONE LODGE EMERGENCY NUMBERS – 072 149 8261 OR 069 596 2240

Sjoe, after all of that heavy stuff, we hope you and your pets
will have a lovely time at Greystone Lodge