Chalet 2 - 1 Bedroom (Famous Lollos)

All our chalets are fenced with 1.2m high diamond mesh.

Pets are very welcome at Greystone Lodge, even large dogs.  We love them all; Great Danes, Wolf Hounds, Huskies, Pitbulls, Boxers, all are welcome. 

We’ve even had cats, a piglet and a bunny.

So you are welcome to bring your dogs along, but please let me know that you are bringing them with.

Please read the RULES AND REGULATIONS with regards to our Pet Friendly Policy below.

We understand that pets are loved as much as our own children, so please adhere to these guidelines below. 

We would like to ensure everyone visiting Greystone Lodge has an enjoyable experience. 

We can provide you with old sheets and towels and blankets and there are bowls, hooks for your leashes and a poop scoop at your chalet.

  1. Each dog will cost R100 per stay, however RESCUES & SERVICE DOGS stay for free.
  2. Please bring your dogs own bedding & food bowls.  If you forget to bring you are welcome to ask us.  We have plenty old sheets to cover the furniture, blankets to keep your doggy warm and towels for your dogs after they’ve swam in the dam.  
  3. Your dogs might be socialised but not all dogs are, please be vigilant and protect your pets.
  4. NO DOG MAY BE OFF-LEASH AROUND THE CHALETS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  We have had incidents where socialised dogs have been off-leash around the chalets and have approached unsocial dogs behind fences, you can just imagine what happened.  Please protect your dogs and keep them on leash around the chalet areas.
  5. Bring your dog’s leash. You are welcome to walk them off-leash at the golf driving range or behind the forest and around the dam. Please keep the leash with you just in case.
  6. Should your dog be off-leash and attack another pet on-leash, you will be responsible for any vet costs incurred.
  7. We understand that dogs bark as they also need to talk to us, but please shush your dogs if they bark continuously, especially in the early hours of the morning so as not to wake other guests.
  8. We understand that dogs are more important than humans and therefore the couch and the bed is in fact theirs not yours.  If your dogs are furniture dwellers, please bring covers for the beds and couches or ask us for old blankets and covers.  The mud is very difficult to get out of the bedding and couches so we do rely on your assistance with this.  🙂
  9. Please remember that your dog may get very dirty whilst racing around and playing in the dam. Please bring an old towel to clean him / her off with, please don’t use our towels for this purpose. 
    We have plenty old towels if  you need, please ask us.
  10. Greystone Lodge takes no responsibility for any dog/pet not belonging to the Lodge, please ensure that your dog is with you at all times.
  11. Pets may NOT be left unattended in the units as they cause noise disturbance to guests in the surrounding chalets. 
  12. You bring your pets at your own risk, Greystone Lodge is not responsible for any parasites or illnesses your dogs may pick up or any injuries they may get while on our property.
Sjoe, after all of that heavy stuff, we hope you and your pets will have a lovely time at Greystone Lodge.
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