Greystone Lodge Self-catering Chalets near Dullstroom

Power, Water, Wifi & The Loo


A very clever and wonderful man, Vaughan Myrton (RIP), decided that we should install a 64Kva generator a few years back when load-shedding started getting rife. 

We are now able to operate the entire lodge with our beautiful silent beast when Eskom load-sheds.  You will experience 30 seconds delay as the generator powers up.

Our silent beast powers Greystone
Dam View


Our water is fed from a natural spring and is perfectly drinkable.  We had it tested!

Please be Water Wise and report any water leaks as soon as possible.


All cottages are on a septic tank system, so please do not flush anything other than a Number 1,  Number 2 and Toilet paper down the Loo.

NO condoms, nappies, sanitary items, wet wipes, dental floss, etc.  These items mess with the system and could create a horrible mess which you might encounter!


MTN – MTN is the strongest and most reliable network.  Despite having a generator, our MTN tower links to the feed from Belfast, that tower does not have a generator, therefore we get no signal when Belfast has loadshedding.  Fortunately this occurs infrequently.

Vodacom – Very unreliable and very frustrating especially over peak seasons like Easter and Christmas.  Since late 2018 the signal has severe fluctuations.

Cell C & Telkom – Very weak and intermittent.

WiFi – We do not supply the chalets with WiFI. However if you have an emergency or urgent work to do, please contact us.  We can assist with a temporary connection for you.

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