Creepy Crawlies

Considering that we are located in the middle of the bush, all of these creatures occur naturally in our area.  We are in their space, we leave them be (except for ticks, flies and mosquitoes, you can squish those!)  Here’s a list of some of them:


Unfortunately they do occur on our property.  Jackal are the biggest carriers of ticks in the area.  Please treat your dogs for ticks before you come to the lodge and after your visit.  We do have a bath with tick shampoo that you are welcome to use after your walks.  “Julian’s Jacuzzi” as we’ve named it, is free to use and is located to the left of the Library.


There’s a plethora of beautiful (and harmless) spiders at the lodge.  Please don’t squish them.  They are harmless.  Call us if you are worried about any spider.  Here’s a picture of a beautiful Female Masked Vlei Spider.


Although it is not a common occurrence, we do get snakes at the Lodge.  Skaap Stekers, Mole Snakes, Common Night Adder and Rinkhals are the most common.  The latter being the most venomous.  Please do not corner a snake, it will attack. Rather walk away quickly.  Call Terence immediately if you see one. 072 050 6089


These crustaceans are harmless creatures, and don’t present any health risks to humans or animals.  Due to the close proximity of the forest, these little Roly Poly goggos are fairly abundant and provide an excellent food source for ground foraging birds.


Occur frequently during autumn and winter.  They can be plentiful, gathering in corners of window frames.  If they land on you, they do sometimes bite and if you smack them off, they stink.  We suggest a quick flick with the finger to get them off you.  They eat aphids and are harmless.