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All cottages are on a septic tank system, please do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. NO nappies, sanitary items, wet wipes, dental floss, etc.


  1. Vodacom – Fair for calls and data but has moments when the signal fluctuates. We use Vodacom at the lodge.
  2. MTN – Very weak.
  3. Cell C – Very weak.


  1. Our water is from a natural spring and is perfectly drinkable.
  2. We are currently experiencing a drought in the region and ask that you be responsible with your water use and report any water leaks as soon as possible.


  1. Each chalet is fully self catering, the kitchen is stocked with all cutlery and crockery, a gas stove and oven, fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, pots and pans etc. We also supply two towels per guest (one hand towel and one bath towel), all bed linen and extra blankets in case it’s cold.
  2. Each chalet has a bathroom and a lounge with indoor fireplace except the Apartment, 3 and 4 bedroom chalets. They each have 2 bathrooms. The apartment has a gas fireplace.
  3. There is an oil heater in each bedroom. Please switch these off during the day when not in use.
  4. Each chalet has its own private garden and braai area and parking space for your vehicles.
  5. The chalets are not enclosed with fences.
  6. We supply free firewood but recommend you bring charcoal to braai with as the wood burns quickly.
  7. Check in is at 14h00.
  8. Check out is at 11h00.
  9. Chalets are not serviced daily. Should you require a chalet service, the 1 and 2 bedroom chalets are R50 per service while the larger chalets are R100 per service.
  10. Service includes washing dishes, making beds, cleaning braai area and your fire place as well as restocking your wood. Cleaning floors is not included in the service.
  11. Please do not remove any bedding or blankets from the chalets for use on the grass. Please ask at Reception for a picnic blanket.


  1. Forest walks – leave only footprints.
  2. Archery – R200 per bow per 2 hours (we have kiddies archery also at R100 per 2 hours). Children must be supervised by an adult.
  3. Golf Driving Range – R50 per bucket, R100 for club hire
  4. Horse Riding just outside Dullstroom – www.dullstroomhorseriding.co.za
  5. Board Games available at Reception
  6. DStv in the Function Room. Please note that our chalets DO NOT have TV’s.
  7. Fly-fishing – R50 fishing permit per person per day (use your own fly-fishing equipment)
  8. Fly-fishing rod hire – R125 per person per day includes fishing permit
  9. We work on a catch and release system but if you want to keep the fish it’s R100 per kg ungutted. Gutting service available at R200/fish.
  10. Fly-fishing tuition available. R150 for 1 hour (2 people max, R50/per additional person) Max 4 people in a group. Book in advance please.

You are welcome to bring your own mountain bikes along. We do not allow quad bikes or off road motorbikes to be ridden around the lodge.


  1. Dullstroom often sees four seasons in one day, regardless of the time of year.
  2. Evenings are cool to cold all year round with a mountain breeze blowing through – it is always advisable to bring something warm to wear.
  3. We are in an area that experiences lightning all year round, please do not fish if you hear thunder or see lightning in the vicinity.
  4. Should the electricity go off during a storm, please use your paraffin lamp or the emergency light provided in the chalet. Usually power is restored within 4 hours.
  5. Summer is our most erratic time of year weather wise, we can go from extreme heat, to heavy rain to cold mist over a period of hours. Bring a light rain coat or umbrella as well a something warm to wear. Don’t forget to pack your swimming costume in case you want to take a dip in the dam.
  6. Winter offers mild days and cold nights. July – September are our windy months, August being the worst making fishing very challenging.
  7. Spring & Autumn are our most temperate seasons, but it is still advisable to pack for all seasons.


  1. Please note that the roads to Greystone Lodge are not suitable for low clearance vehicles, standard cars will manage the roads.
  2. Please check with us during rainy season as the roads could get muddy. Don’t fret though as we have 4×4’s and tractors to pull you out of the mud 🙂
  3. Please also note that Belfast and/or Dullstroom are the closest towns with shops to guy groceries, so please purchase last minute essentials before coming to the lodge as it is a long drive back to town. We are 22km from both towns, 13km on a gravel road.
  4. Please see our Contact Us tab for various directions to Greystone Lodge.


  1. Being situated in the countryside the environment is completely natural and therefore animal and insect life is to be expected, the type of creature and their activity is very dependent on the time of year and weather conditions.
  2. We have bats in the area, these are small bats who eat mosquitoes and other small insects, they are harmless but one will occasionally fly into a cottage, particularly if doors are left open at night with lights on inside.
  3. Insects and moths hatch mainly in summer when there is high rainfall and heat, the number of hot days determines the number of “goggo’s” that hatch.
  4. Most insects, moths in particular are attracted to light so it is not advisable to leave the windows and doors of the cottage open at night if there are many lights on.
  5. The grasslands are an ideal environment for a variety of field mice and shrews, occasionally one braves its way into a cottage through an open door, they are not harmful. Another creature endemic to the grassland and bush of South Africa is the infamous “bush roach”, this insect looks like a “normal cockroach” but has longer wings. These insects, though ugly, are not the same as the “city roaches” and are not indicative of dirt. They tend to occur in small numbers during the high wet heat of mid summer.
  6. There is a variety of frogs in the area and you will enjoy their song on summer nights, do not be overly alarmed, however, if your dog gets hold of one and starts retching and foaming at the mouth, this is a natural reaction to the slime that covers the frog and as far as we know none of them are poisonous and the effect shouldn’t last more that a few hours at the most, just ensure that your dog has lots of water to drink.
  7. The grassland is also home to snakes and scorpions, though they are rarely seen. Please watch where you put your feet when hiking and be careful when lifting or moving any rocks. The venomous snakes that occur in our area are puff adder and rinkhals.